Building web apps is something I enjoy a lot, especially working on the back-end part of it. I've been building websites & web apps with PHP since 2010. Today, I am starting to work on a SaaS app that does not have a name yet, but for now, I'll refer to it as the "Gamification" app. It will basically be an engine with open API that will enable gamification for the users.

I know that there are open source gamification libraries already available & some are even written in laravel, but the direction I want to take with this app differs from those which I'll share along the way. Some of my ideas I think will make this app stand out as well from the rest.

Initial Tech Stack

Below is what I will be using to build this app. I may add some additional dependencies along the way but the core stack will be:

  • PHP / Laravel
  • MySQL
  • Redis
  • JS / React JS
  • Tailwind CSS

I will be posting about the whole process & some of them will include code as well as summary of what was done. I am planning on learning a lot from this as well as share what I've learned & what challenges I've faced along the way. The next post will include more details & will be more about the research & the planning phase of the project.

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